How can we build a global financial system that’s safe if we don’t build it at the global level? We are at a stage in the evolution of our planet that we have to think and work together.

There is huge efficiency and satisfaction in our working together as a field. Worldwide, when we take all the partial answers from individual countries and put them together we can see what is useful. And then we can work together to spread those universal insights. Working togethr is many times more effective than the sum of our individual parts.

At present, we have an antique, stuck, and client-deaf financial services structure serving a new dramatically transformed citizen sector. We desperately need a new, diverse, client-oriented financial services “industry” to serve the social sector. How are we going to get from here to there if we don’t work together to encourage entrepreneurship in social investing and to encourage new people to enter the field?

Bill Drayton
Founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
from Massive Change and the Institute without Boundaries